Noella Downs, featured on the Love Alexi Podcast!


Hello, Lovelies!

I was just featured on a pretty popular, very cool podcast, right here in Hollywood, you may know it: Love Alexi! I was only recently introduced but I think its pretty fantastic! I had a wild time with Alexi taping the podcast which in incidentally had me giving her a reading! We spent hours locked in some seriously intense, raw dialogue before, during and afterwards. She’s very introspective and because she’s so open it was easy to open right up too! Seriously, she's amazing, and I think that you’ll think this particular episode is a trip to listen to! Look, if you're intrigued or even mildly curious, you can hear our conversation and her reading on iTunes, it’s the Love Alexi podcast. It's different, funny, honest, très chic and super entertaining!